Once eaten humbly by laborers in Sichuan-China, now elevated to a dish raved about and scrutinized by food bloggers (and us) everywhere, let MxG Classics turn up the heat and numb your senses with a whole new 麻辣香锅 (málà xiāng guō) experience.

Nestled beside the Singapore River - Boat Quay, MxG Classics (Multiple 香锅 xiāng guō) is reminiscent of a time where 麻辣 (málà) was considered a poor man’s food, consumed in streets by the pier-side with cheap scraps thrown into the mix. In recent years, the revival of this humble dish has put new flavors and sensations into Singapore’s gourmet landscape.

Bonded over the love of beer and spice, our Founding Fathers aimed to create a version of 麻辣 (málà) that would be worthy of the strong food culture pride here in Singapore. To put in every bite, multiple explosions of flavor and spice to make you sweat, scream, and your knees weak.


MxG Classics strives to share and multiply not only the intense spice our founding fathers enjoyed but also the number of people who enjoy the dish. Thus, redefining a tailored 麻辣 (málà) experience for EVERYONE! As proof, an equally delicious non-spicy version of our 香锅 (xiāng guō) is on the menu for those of us not yet ready to brave the heat. 

Brought to you by our love and inspiration we have for 麻辣香锅 (málà xiāng guō), join us in setting a new standard and redefining a new Singaporean MxG!